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Golden September

Anemone lit up for children with cancer

September is the International Month for Pediatric Cancer Awareness.

In Portugal, about 400 children are diagnosed with cancer every year. The disease is different from that which affects adults, since it tends to manifest itself in different areas of the body.

The cure rate is currently around 80%, higher than most adult cases, but it is still not known what causes childhood cancer and the studies carried out try to give more answers.

The municipality of Matosinhos joined Acreditar - Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Cancer and illuminated last night the emblematic sculpture "She changes", also known as Anemone, with the color yellow (gold), symbol of strength, courage and resilience of those who live the disease too soon.

The "Golden September" campaign aims to raise awareness of this cause and, this year, focused on the impact of the diagnosis of a cancer disease on children and youth, and, of course, on their caregivers.


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