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Government will give incentives to companies that adhere to the new "Mobility Card" for workers

The Government is studying the creation of a Mobility Card, similar to meal cards, with benefits for companies that discourage workers from using individual transport and that can be used for sustainable transport modes

The idea was announced by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Action, Duarte Cordeiro.

He said that the creation of a "Mobility Card" is being studied, a "solution similar to the meal card".

This card provides benefits to companies that use it, thus discouraging the use of individual transport by workers.

The idea, explained the minister, is that the card can be used in sustainable transport modes and "perhaps in the acquisition of bicycles and electric vehicles".

Duarte Cordeiro also said that the project, which will be launched on Friday, aims to create an intermodal ticketing platform with national coverage.

The project counts, at its start, with the collaboration of Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa - TML and Transportes Intermodais do Porto - TIP.


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