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Guilherme Pinto Square will host a second-hand market

On April 29th, the Parish Council of Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira will take to Praça Guilherme Pinto, in Matosinhos, the REBORN MARKET - a second-hand items market

Clothing, jewelry, music, art, collectibles and decoration, will be some of the items that can be found in this event.

The Junta de Freguesia also informs that registrations are open for all interested parties who wish to participate in the event. For this, they should register at the Social Action Office of the Junta de Freguesia (

The Reborn Market will have free admission and will run from 10am to 6pm. The event will also include entertainment and DJs.

Regulations and other information can be found on the municipality's website.


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