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Home telecare

320 elderly people covered and around 4500 contacts made

Concerned with the elderly, in situations of isolation or risk, the Municipality of Matosinhos created the Home Telecare Service in 2007, within the scope of the Matosinhos Senior program.

It is aimed at people over 65 years of age, residing in the municipality, without family or insufficient support, and whose monthly per capita income is lower than the national minimum wage.

The elderly have at their disposal, in their own home, an easy-to-use technological device, with a communication system that can be activated by the user, from a remote control button, placed on a bracelet or necklace, which gives automatic access to an operator. available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, with multiple functions.

Keeping the privacy and autonomy of the user, this service allows an immediate response, in emergency situations of health, security or loneliness.

The municipality currently has 320 home tele-assistance equipment installed, which allowed, until the end of July this year, about 4,500 contacts of elderly residents in the municipality who live in isolation.

If you are interested in this Home Telecare Service and meet the necessary requirements, you can register at one of the following locations: Matosinhos City Council - Municipal Store; Parish Unions; Matosinhos Habit. If you prefer, send an email to

It should also be noted that in order to access the Home Telecare service, it is necessary to subscribe to the MATOSINHOSénior Card, a card intended for residents of the municipality of Matosinhos, aged 65 or over.

The membership of the card, as well as its renewal is free of charge and takes place in the municipal swimming pools of Matosinhos.


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