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III Rope Skipping Tournament

Around 200 students jumped rope again at the Sports and Congress Center

This weekend, at the Sports and Congress Center, the III Rope Skipping Tournament (jumping rope) was held, which was attended by about 200 students, from the 1st Cycle of Basic Education, from 1st to 4th. th year of schooling in the Municipality.

In this way, this initiative was resumed, which was interrupted in the last two school years due to the pandemic.

Rope Skipping (rope jumping) is indicated as one of the sports that, at low cost and with a simple learning of the various jumping techniques, promotes the fight against one of the most serious problems of childhood today, childhood obesity, promoting habits of healthy life.

Preparation for these tests was carried out in Physical Education & Local Sports Classes, which culminated in this tournament and involved students who excelled in the practice of the modality. They were entitled to a prize, the first three places in each style of competition, as well as a prize for the winning school in the set of all events (Over All). A certificate of participation was given to all students.

This tournament was attended by the Mayor, Luísa Salgueiro, the Councilor for Education, António Correia Pinto; the Councilor for Sport, Vasco Pinho, the team from the Associação Portuguesa de Rope Skipping, a partner entity of the municipality in the implementation of this modality, the Directors of the School Groups in the municipality of Matosinhos and the guardians of the students who participated in this event.


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