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INDAQUA delivers prizes of a raffle that promoted the adhesion to the water and sanitation network

The "Connect is Win" campaign raffled off a car and six electric bicycles among all consumers who subscribed to the water or sanitation network and signed up for the initiative. The prizes have already been delivered in Matosinhos and two other municipalities in the North

Promoting the environmental and public health advantages brought by joining the water and sanitation network was INDAQUA's main objective when launching the "Connecting is winning" campaign. On the balance of the action, the concessionaire recognizes the "positive impact" generated among consumers.

"Through the dissemination of the campaign, we managed to reinforce, among consumers, the importance of joining public water and sanitation networks for public health and for the environment, as well as to alert them to the dangers of opting for private solutions," explains Luís Lourenço, Communication Manager of the INDAQUA Group. "This result was undoubtedly due to the fact that we have promoted an innovative campaign in the sector's communication, with the raffle and awarding of prizes that also promote sustainability," he adds.

An electric Fiat 500 and six electric bicycles were raffled off by the concessionaire, among all consumers who subscribed to the water or sanitation networks and, subsequently, registered for the "Connect is Winning" program. All prizes have already been delivered personally by INDAQUA.

The "To connect is to win" initiative has joined a wide range of awareness and environmental education actions that the concessionaire has carried out in recent years. Through them, INDAQUA seeks to remind, on the one hand, the risks that uncontrolled wells and septic tanks have for public health and the environment and, on the other hand, the obligation to join the network in all properties that have these infrastructures available within 20 meters.


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