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International Museum Day

Câmara de Matosinhos marked the date with activities at the Quinta Santiago and Memory Museums

Matosinhos City Council marked the International Museum Day with activities at the Quinta de Santiago Museum and the Matosinhos Memory Museum.

International Museum Day is celebrated on May 18, at the proposal of ICOM – International Council of Museums (UNESCO body), with the theme chosen for this year being the “Power of Museums”, with the aim of demonstrating the impact positive impact of these cultural spaces in a changing world.

At the Quinta de Santiago Museum, in Leça da Palmeira, the pedagogical workshop “Cardumes no Museu” took place throughout the day, based on the exhibition “Profundezas” by Elisa Ochoa, on the maritime fauna and flora off Matosinhos.

Children and young people were invited to dive into the museum and see how the art on display speaks about our sea and alerts us to fundamental issues of the ecosystem. The focus of the workshop focused on the importance of preserving marine biodiversity, working with the participants (Aauje, Escola Básica Nogueira Pinto and Escola EBJI da Viscondessa) and recreating magical marine environments, highlighting the importance of our role as guardians of Nature.

At MuMMa - Museu da Memória de Matosinhos, “Rituais da Memória” was presented, a community art project by the same artist, Elisa Ochoa, which seeks to dialogue, intervene and transform the actions of a group of 10 women, aged between the 35 and 97 years old who have a relationship with the fishing community and who share memories and objects linked to the various activities related to the sea. Life stories and enriching experiences that allow us to strengthen ties with this important community in our county. This project had the collaboration and mediation of Napesmate and Turislavra, a necessary and fundamental bridge to reach women and also in the availability of objects, for the installation, which will be on display at MuMMa until June 19.


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