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IRA to open a branch office in Porto

The IRA - Intervenção e Resgate Animal will open its district delegation in Porto next weekend. The 5th and 6th of November will be officially inaugurated, which includes a guided tour through the four floors of the facilities

On its platform the organization warns: "You can mark your calendar now! Not only will we be distributing free dog and cat food to people in economic insufficiency and colony/mat caretakers, but the first 50 clients will be entitled to an IRA gift. The paws will also be entitled to gift treats."

"We will also make the presentation of the rescue logistics (vehicles, uniforms, capture and rescue material) and welcome the members who will constitute the future rescue teams after passing the entrance exams. We are waiting for you and your paws on a weekend that we promise to be great," he adds.

Refer that the mission of the IRA, created in 2016 and formally constituted in 2018, "consists in the rescue of animals victims of mistreatment, neglect or when their welfare conditions provided by law are not ensured".

Through the collaboration of "distinct teams for each phase of the rescue", together with the "competent authorities if necessary, for the intervention and/or rescue of each case".

"All rescued animals follow for responsible adoption, after full clinical and behavioural rehabilitation," they further indicate on their website.

Photo: Facebook IRA


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