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João Neves will be the new president of APDL

João Neves will replace Nuno Araújo as chairman of the Port Authority of Douro, Leixões and Viana do Castelo (APDL), reports ECO

According to the newspaper, the Minister of Infrastructures, João Galamba, has chosen the former head of works of APDL, João Neves, to assume the position.

He is the current CEO of Águas do Alto Minho and has been on unpaid leave from APDL for ten years. João Neves will return to the Administration of Douro, Leixões and Viana do Castelo Ports, by indication of the Minister of Infrastructures, João Galamba.

The previous president, Nuno Araújo, was invited to continue in the position, but he is no longer president of the APDL, after serving a three-year term in these functions.

According to ECO, the new president, João Neves, is a civil engineer specialized in hydraulics. He was in APDL between 1999 and May 2013, having held the position of head of works division.

His return may, however, not be peaceful. João Neves has been on unpaid leave since 2013, under a provision of the Labor Code and the Public Manager Statute for two years, extendable for another two years, and then for the duration of his mandate at Águas do Douro e Paiva, where he was when he returned from Mozambique, writes ECO. The newspaper adds that the legality of the unpaid leave is being questioned within APDL and could even be revoked.


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