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Joaquim Vinagre

Joaquim Vinagre, is 55 years old and is a maritime entrepreneur from pleasure boats. He has extensive experience in the field, having worked for 20 years with companies such as Aquatron and Aquaiates and for 5 years with Ondastar. He later founded JEV, based in Matosinhos. The work that Joaquim Esteves Vinagre develops involves assisting boats from painting, deep repairs, restoration of wood and upholstery, transport of boats, among other types of functions. Often it is Joaquim himself who travels to the boats to provide assistance, traveling the country from north to south. As a specialized technician, Joaquim Vinagre works with several brands and companies and has several diplomas that represent the quality of the services provided. In his spare time, which with work ends up not being much, the entrepreneur dedicates himself to the construction of naval miniatures.

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