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Journalism Club

Junta de Freguesia launches initiative that intends to give voice to the Youth of Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira

The year 2023 starts with another new project of the Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira Parish Council - The Journalism Club. The project arises from the idea of producing, in digital format, a newspaper where the work and activities carried out by our young people for the community will be published, thus playing a crucial role in the development of media literacy and creating conditions of access and learning opportunities that enable young people to use it competently, critically and responsibly to produce, communicate and contribute to the common good. "We want to give a voice to our young people and give them the tools to reflect and write about topics they consider important. The idea is to get youth writing about themselves with all the creative freedom. For this, we project in this Journalism Club a space where the daily events are peeked through the different available media and where young people are guided to a good citizenship practice", said the President of the Junta, Paulo Carvalho. The mayor also added that the role of the Junta de Freguesia will be "to give the necessary tools, monitor and support the work done, so that they can turn their ideas into reality". In this way, the Junta de Freguesia will make available the CCD Vítor Oliveira as the place for writing. In this space there will be equipment available to project and outline the editions of the Journalism Club. It will also be the place where the collected information will be organized and above all, where the newspaper will be created in digital format. The project will start at the beginning of February and counts on the collaboration of the youth group of the Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira Parish Council. This project is open to all interested young people. More information can be found in the communication channels of the Junta de Freguesia


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