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Junta de Freguesia inaugurated the Social and Sports Center with a tribute to Vítor Oliveira

The Junta de Freguesia of Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira inaugurated, on the 29th of April, at 21:00, the Centro de Convívio e Desportivo Vítor Oliveira, a recently refurbished space, intended to promote social and sports activities.

“This is a new space that will bring with it a new dynamic for the Parish Council of Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira. Thanks to the requalification work carried out by the Municipality of Matosinhos, we will now be able to ensure all ongoing activities, with higher quality, as well as broadening horizons for new initiatives and new partnerships with institutions and the community. The Vítor Oliveira Social and Sports Center will be available to our population daily and aims to promote socializing and sport.” Said the President of the Board, Paulo Carvalho.

The attribution of the name Vítor Oliveira intends to be a tribute to a historical figure from Matosinhos. For the President of the Junta, this tribute is more than fair, since he is a man known for his enormous ability to relate to others, taking, through his work, the name of Matosinhos to unique levels of Portuguese football.

“We all know and recognize the importance of Vítor Oliveira for our city. For the same reason, this opening session will also feature a lecture where his work, his history and his convictions will be deepened and shared with the audience present”.

The initiative “Matosinhos, Who are you? Vítor Oliveira, was attended by Henrique Calisto, football coach and responsible for the Municipal Sports company MatosinhosSport, Dr José La Fuente, doctor and Carlos Daniel, RTP journalist.


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