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Large drug seizure in Pasteleira neighbourhood in Porto has links to Matosinhos and Maia

The Criminal Investigation Court of Porto ordered preventive detention for four of the 15 suspected drug traffickers arrested on Thursday, April 20, in Porto as part of a police operation, a source at the police told Lusa on Monday, April 24

According to a source from the Public Relations Office of the Metropolitan Command of Porto, three others will await trial under house arrest, while the others were released.

The police seized on Thursday more than 62 thousand doses of drugs in an operation that focused on the neighbourhoods of Pasteleira Nova and Pasteleira, in Porto, which if they reached the consumers could yield about one million euros.

In this operation 15 people were arrested, nine men and six women, and 44 house and non-house searches were conducted.

On Thursday morning, the national director of the PSP, Manuel Magina da Silva, told reporters in the Pasteleira Nova neighbourhood that, in addition to this location, the searches also extended to Matosinhos, Maia, Vila Nova de Gaia and Gondomar, in the district of Porto.

Besides the 11 kilos of drugs (heroin, cocaine, hashish and amphetamines), enough for 62 thousand individual doses, more than 13 thousand euros, firearms, cars and motorbikes were also seized in this operation.

One of those arrested in this action, which involved 300 agents, was the leader of one of the "main networks of drug trafficking in Porto", according to the PSP.

The 15 detainees, nine men and six women, are aged between 24 and 65, are of Portuguese nationality and, some of these, already have a criminal record for committing the same crimes, he stressed.


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