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"Let's turn off the tap": Campaign calls for reducing water consumption

Under the slogan "Let's turn off the tap", the Águas de Portugal Group and the Portuguese Environment Agency launched a campaign with the aim of raising citizens' awareness "to the importance of reducing consumption and making efficient use of water in the context of the drought that Portugal is experiencing".

According to the press release, the campaign, exploring the concept of "time", reinforces that an "open tap for one minute can use up to 12 liters of water, enough to ensure the daily basic needs of 1 million Portuguese".

"One minute a day, let's turn off the tap to dry" is the main appeal of the awareness messages present in communication media such as billboards, press, digital and social networks.

In the document are also left some useful advice for good water use, among which: "turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving", because this way you can reduce between 10 and 30 liters of water per day; "turn off the shower tap while soaping", since for every 2 minutes in the shower with the tap open, about 24 liters of water are spent; "in a dry situation, avoid washing the car", if it is really necessary to do so do not use a hose, which can consume up to 400 liters of water; "use the water from the shower, while it is heating up, for other uses, such as flushing the toilet, washing the floor, watering plants, etc." and "use the water from washing fruits and vegetables to water the plants," paying attention to watering at off-peak times, due to evaporation.


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