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"Literature on the Move" returns to Matosinhos

Started yesterday, May 8th, the 17th edition of LeV - Literatura em Viagem, in Matosinhos. The Municipal Gallery of Matosinhos, the Municipal Library Florbela Espanca and the schools of the municipality receive until Sunday most of the initiatives

The city of Matosinhos opens its doors to literature during this week to the event Literatura em Viagem. There will be seven days of exhibitions distributed by some spaces of the city, the Municipal Gallery of Matosinhos receives the exhibition "100 Textos Em Viagem", 100 readings of texts by Gonçalo M. Tavares, by the students of the schools of the municipality. In the Florbela Espanca Municipal Library there is room for the documentary exhibition "The Struggle of the Fishermen of Matosinhos during Fascism", an exhibition about the 71-day strike that the fishermen of Matosinhos carried out in 1959.

This Tuesday, the 9th, the LeVzinho returns, a set of activities for the youngest as a way to stimulate young readers to have contact with literature, at the Municipal Library. On the 11th, 12th and 13th May, LeVzinho will go to the municipality's schools with four special sessions, led by Patrícia Figueiredo, Joana Caetano, Mariana Rio and Marta Bernardes.

On Saturday, the journey begins with the presentation of the project "The journey and the books", which is the origin of the exhibition "100 Textos Em Viagem", promoted by the Florbela Espanca Municipal Library.

On the last day of the event the programme runs between 3 and 6.30pm and offers visitors talks such as "Literary autobiography: How much of ourselves do we leave in the books we read. And in the ones we write?", in a panel with the participation of Dulce Maria Cardoso, José Eduardo Agualusa and Karina Sainz Borgo. At 4.30 p.m., the focus turns to music with João Tordo, Kalaf Epalanga and Rita Redshoes, in a conversation moderated by Sérgio Almeida that explores musicality in literature and words. The LeV programme closes at 5.30 p.m. with an entirely female panel, with Ana Bárbara Pedrosa, Sònia Hernández and Teolinda Gersão. The theme of the debate is sentimental and literary geographies, with territories, imagined or real, as a fundamental part of literary creation.

Participation in the LeV is free and limited to the capacity of the space."


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