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Local Social Action Council

39th CLAS plenary meeting gathered, once again, partner institutions of the Social Network of Matosinhos

The Salão Nobre dos Paços do concelho (Noble Hall of the Town Hall) hosted yesterday the 39th plenary meeting of CLAS (Local Council for Social Action), which gathered, as usual, the set of partner institutions of the Matosinhos Social Network, around 80 entities.

In highlight were the presentations of three plans: the Municipal Plan for Equality of Matosinhos 2022-2025; the Municipal Youth Plan of Matosinhos 2021-2025; and the Local Plan for the Promotion and Protection of Children's Rights of the Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth of Matosinhos - CPCJM 2022-2025.

Present at this session were the Mayor of the Matosinhos City Hall, Luísa Salgueiro, and the Vice Mayor, responsible for the areas of social intervention and health and civic participation and youth, Carlos Mouta.

Keeping the intervention in line with the National Strategy for Equality and Non-Discrimination, (ENIND) - Portugal+Igual 2018-2030, the municipality, together with its network of partners, has actively promoted an integrated policy of social development of reality with a view to building a more inclusive and more equal municipality. In this scope, and in a vision more focused on equality between men and women, the path of Matosinhos has been built on the basis of equality of rights, liberties and opportunities, in which the valorisation, recognition, access, participation in all public and private spheres is gradually of greater equity.

The awarding of the "Living in Equality 2020" Prize was the recognition of this commitment and, at the same time, the establishment of a level of demand that guides all the work that has been developed by the Municipality in the field of equality, citizenship and non-discrimination.

The Municipality of Matosinhos has dedicated special attention to this issue, seeking to balance the representativity of men and women throughout the organisation, clearly assuming a commitment to work on the equity of leadership roles.

The diagnosis outlined in this Municipal Plan for Equality of Matosinhos presented today frames the future action of the Municipality of Matosinhos in this matter, addressing the issue both in its internal domain, as an employer, and in its external domain, in the definition and implementation of public policies. The Municipal Youth Plan in Matosinhos was also discussed in this plenary session of CLAS. The document aims to be a local instrument of implementation of the National Youth Plan and of articulation with other existing national and local plans and programmes within sectoral or transversal policies that have an impact on youth, ensuring that the youth dimension is integrated in these other policy instruments.

The Municipal Youth Plan of Matosinhos 2021-2025 is based on a diagnostic study on the youth of the municipality that crossed an information gathering approach. On the one hand, statistical information available on the municipality and the application of an online questionnaire to young residents of the municipality - with a dynamic of participation / reflection present in discussion groups held with young people and professionals from the municipality.

Finally, CLAS partners also discussed the Local Plan for the Promotion and Protection of Children's Rights of the Commission for the Protection of Children and Young People of Matosinhos - CPCJM 2022-2025.

This is a strategic document which aims to ensure that the needs of children and young people are met and their rights are put into practice.

For its elaboration, a local diagnosis on the guarantee of children's rights was carried out, identifying the rights that are respected and not respected, the factors that facilitate the realisation of these rights and the factors that pose a risk to the promotion of the well-being of children and adolescents in the municipality.

The construction of this plan is an initiative to which the Extended Commission for the Protection of Children and Young People (CPCJ) of Matosinhos adhered and which is integrated in the Adélia Project, a Project to support Positive Parenting, promoted by the National Commission for the Promotion of the Rights and Protection of Children and Young People.

In the 39th CLAS plenary session other issues were on the table, namely, the presentation of the annual execution reports of some implemented projects and the approval of the adhesion of new entities to CLAS.


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