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"Mar de Luz" - Homage to the fishermen victims of the 1947 shipwreck

Tribute to the 152 fishermen victims of the tragic event in Matosinhos

The initiative "Mar de Luz", in honour of the 152 fishermen victims of the 1947 shipwreck, took place Thursday and yesterday with a set of initiatives prepared by the Matosinhos City Hall.

This sad event that happened 75 years ago is considered, even today, one of the greatest Portuguese maritime tragedies, which took the lives of 152 fishermen from Matosinhos, in only four trawlers, as a result of an unusual storm in the early morning of December 1 to 2, 1947. The shipwreck took place between Aguda (Vila Nova de Gaia) and the breakwaters of the Port of Leixões.

Yesterday morning, the initiatives to pay tribute to fishermen and their families continued. Departing from the Fishermen's House, the community and the authorities present went in pilgrimage to the Matosinhos beach, to the sculpture "Tragedy of the Sea", by the artist José João de Brito, to pay a simple tribute to the sea lions that lost their lives 75 years ago.

Afterwards, a solemn Eucharist took place in the Santo Amaro Chapel, in memory of the deceased fishermen. Around midday, four trawlers symbolically left Barra de Leixões, in a maritime itinerary off Matosinhos Beach, accompanied by the Lifeguards of the Leixões Port Authority.

In the afternoon, at MuMMa - Museu da Memória de Matosinhos, the temporary exhibition "Romagem de saudade" opened its doors, focusing on the historical, material and immaterial memories of the Shipwreck of 1947. This exhibition will be open until 19 March 2022.

The Mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro, the President of the Municipal Assembly, Palmira Macedo, the Councillor for Culture, Fernando Rocha, the President of the Union of Parishes of Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira, Paulo Carvalho, and the administrator of Matosinhos Sport, Henrique Calisto, accompanied the tribute ceremonies.

It is recalled that the 1947 shipwreck took the lives of 152 fishermen. The tragic episode left a feeling of mourning, pain and incalculable suffering in Matosinhos, which still remains alive in the collective memory of the people of Matosinhos.

In this sense, remembering this traumatic milestone in the historical and social memory of Matosinhos, the initiative promoted by the City Hall, in collaboration with nearly 20 entities, intended to pay tribute to the fishermen who perished at sea, as well as their families. The organization of "Mar de Luz" counted with the collaboration of the Dance Academy of Matosinhos, Association of Retired Fishermen of Matosinhos, Núcleo de Amigos dos Pescadores de Matosinhos, Administrative Commission of the Martyr S. Sebastião, Capitania of the Port of Leixões, Fanfare of the Voluntary Firemen of Leixões, Ethnographic Group of the Fishermen of Castelo, Children's Folkloric Rancho Vareirinho, Children's Folkloric Rancho Vareirinho, Children's Folkloric Rancho of Matosinhos. Sebastião, Capitania do Porto de Leixões, Fanfarra dos Bombeiros Voluntários de Leixões, Grupo Etnográfico os Pescadores do Castelo, Rancho Folclórico Infantil Vareirinhos de Matosinhos, Rancho Folclórico dos Pescadores de Matosinhos, Coral CCD de Matosinhos, The Youth Choir of Leça da Palmeira, the Liturgical Choir of the Parish of Matosinhos, the Association of Pensioners and Retired People, Os Triunfadores, Vidi Aquam, Coral Nossa Senhora da Hora, Theatre Group of Orfeão de Matosinhos and the Columbophile Centre of Matosinhos.


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