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Matosinhos and Porto: Four arrested for drug trafficking

The Public Security Police of Porto Metropolitan Command, as part of the fight against the crime of drug trafficking, made the arrest of 04 suspects of drug trafficking and the seizure of about 643 doses of hashish

On January 18, at 11:30 am, on Avenida dos Aliados - Porto, detained a man, 38 years old, without known professional activity and resident in Ermesinde, seizing enough hashish for about 13 individual doses. At 1:15 pm, at Rua Dr. Eduardo Torres - Matosinhos, detained two men, aged 18 and 34, students and fishermen, respectively, and a woman, aged 18, student, all residents of Matosinhos. Seized hashish sufficient for about 630 individual doses and 01 knife.

The detainees will be presented to the Judicial Authorities.


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