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Matosinhos City Hall given the green light to proceed with 261 more houses

The construction or rehabilitation of 261 social housing units in Matosinhos has already received the green light

Most of the investment, which amounts to 37 million euros, will be provided by funds from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), whose applications submitted by the Municipality were approved.

In total, the Municipality already has 42 million euros approved. In addition to housing, social equipment to support the elderly and the disabled, as well as projects to help disadvantaged communities, are also included.

For the construction and rehabilitation of houses, the Municipality will also count on funds from the Housing and Urban Rehabilitation Institute.

"Under the 1st Law program, 105 new homes will be created in two vacant buildings located in the Urban Rehabilitation Area of São Mamede de Infesta that the Matosinhos City Hall acquired for rehabilitation. The construction tender will be launched this year", says the Municipality.

In the housing complex of S. Gens 119 new houses will be built and the first 37 of 400 vacant municipal dwellings in various enterprises will be rehabilitated to rehouse people under the supported rental scheme, adds the City Council. All works are to be completed by the end of 2026.

The Matosinhos Local Housing Strategy foresees the construction of 384 houses. In this sense, the City Council says that in the coming years more applications will be submitted to obtain funds to ensure the financing of these projects.

The document also indicates that there are 1.2 million euros for social solidarity institutions, which have submitted their own applications for RRP funds.

The Residential Structure for the Elderly that the Irmandade da Misericórdia do Bom Jesus de Matosinhos will build on a plot of land in front of the Matosinhos Primary School (on loan from the Municipality) will have municipal support of 664 thousand euros. The tender to build the equipment, with capacity for 60 people, has already been launched.

The construction of a residential home for 30 people and the creation of 30 new vacancies in the Center for Activities and Training for Inclusion of the Association for the Support of Disabled Youth will receive 507 thousand euros from the City Council, which had already ceded, for 25 years, the EB1/JI School of Portela for the projects. The tender for the contracts will be launched this month.

"Under the Integrated Program to Support Disadvantaged Communities, 20 applications were submitted, five of which have already been approved, with funding of 2.6 million euros, and the remaining 15 are awaiting approval, with an amount of 6.9 million euros," says the Board.


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