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Matosinhos Educating City

Matosinhos promotes reflection on the new challenges of educating cities

On November 30th , Matosinhos marked the International Day of the Educating City, joining a number of cities around the world that assume education as a passion and as a fundamental vector of their municipal policies.

The mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro, the president of the Municipal Assembly of Matosinhos, Palmira Macedo, and the town councillor for Education, António Correia Pinto, opened the ceremony early in the morning with the hoisting of the Educating Cities Flag, near the Town Hall, followed by the commemorative session in the Main Hall of the Town Hall.

Joining this symbolic moment were the president of the Union of the Parishes of Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira, Paulo Carvalho, as well as representatives of some of the municipality's institutions in the fields of education, social action (childhood and old age), youth, sports, associations and health.

Luísa Salgueiro opened the session reinforcing that education continues to be a "passion" for Matosinhos and reminded that education has always been a commitment of the municipality. "We are permanently available, interested and committed to add something new to our education, be it equipment, resources, actions or projects that make us grow as a city that educates", he said.

The Matosinhos mayor referred to the numerous projects of which Matosinhos is a reference, such as the second chance school, positive nutrition, the REACT project, the educational roadmaps, the local curriculum, the cinema and robotics projects in schools, among many others. Luísa Salgueiro also spoke of actions developed "hand in hand with education", referring, for example, to the free passes for students, as well as highlighting the need to involve the entire community, starting with the youngest, in some of the missions that Matosinhos has set itself, namely to be a carbon neutral municipality by 2030. The whole municipality has to get involved as an educating municipality. And the role of the youngest is fundamental, he added.

"On this day, I want to recognise your dedication to education. We will continue to make Matosinhos an example as an educating city", he concluded.

The videos "Matosinhos Educating City" were then presented, illustrating each of the principles listed in the Charter of Educating Cities with actions and projects promoted by the municipality throughout the county, and the video that launches the motto for this year "Educating City, City of Peace and Opportunities", with challenges illustrating the theme, Everyone is invited to reflect on the parallelism between the seeds and the opportunities that the city offers, as well as the importance of cultivating peace and good coexistence through the fulfilment of human rights, social justice and the promotion of values such as respect for others and dialogue throughout the community.

It is recalled that Matosinhos has been part of the International Network of Educating Cities since 2016, joining the current 480 cities from 35 countries around the world, having thus assumed in their practices the principles contained in this declaration.

The initiative aimed to raise awareness and make the community as a whole responsible for complying with the principles set out in the Charter of Educating Cities.


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