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Matosinhos Family Orchestra

Educational Program of the Jazz Orchestra of Matosinhos

The Orquestra de Famílias de Matosinhos performed to the public again, this time at the Studio of the Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos (OJM), at Real Vinícola, and not at the Quinta de santiago Museum, as expected due to the weather conditions. The concert took place yesterday at 5.30 pm and, even with the change of venue, the animation was guaranteed in a musical moment, but also of conviviality.

The Matosinhos Family Orchestra is part of the OJM Educational Program and has been working regularly since September 2018. It currently has about 30 families and 85 members of all ages, fostering family ties through the development of creative musical skills. and the multidisciplinary arts in groups and individually. In each session, a little bit of everything is done: singing, playing, making rhythm with the body, writing lyrics, improvising... Some elements are accompanied by instruments kept at home, with which they learn other ways of playing and creating music in set.


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