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Matosinhos hosts the project "ABC da Bola" from A. F. Porto

Partnership intends to take soccer and futsal to schools in the Porto district

The "ABC da Bola" program, promoted by the Porto Football Association, can now start working at the Passos Brothers School Grouping in Matosinhos, after the entities have officially signed the beginning of a partnership that aims to bring soccer and futsal to schools in the Porto district, through the so-called extracurricular activities (AECs).

This Thursday, José Manuel Neves, president of A. F. Porto, was present in Matosinhos, in the protocol ceremony that marks the start of the project in that city, as has been done since the World Children's Day and the first program established in Vila do Conde. "This protocol that we have just signed means that from now on the A.F.Porto and this school will work together. Working towards providing these children with a healthier life, helping them to practice more sports", José Manuel Neves began by explaining. "We want to bring the practice of sports so that children can play and practice sports and counteract sedentarism and associated diseases, thus contributing to their future. It's not about soccer or futsal, it's about bringing sports to schools", he added.

Also present in this ceremony was Vasco Pinho, councilman for sports of the Municipality of Matosinhos. "When we work in public policies we always want to do a little bit better than in the past. And I believe that today [yesterday] we are doing just that. This work has a great virtue, which is the fact that it is done in partnership with the school and with the class teachers - who know the students best. We continue to do a little bit more for the education of our municipality. A. F. Porto is doing much more than its formal obligation. It is meeting the base, meeting the children, the teaching and the development of various skills of children, "said the councilman.

Finally, Paulo Gaspar, director of the School Grouping Irmãos Passos, underlined what is beginning to be seen as a scourge for the health of the younger generation and that this is another initiative to help combat the sedentary lifestyle of the children of this generation: "Sports are important. Technology has led to kids staying at home in front of the computer, and we need them to get out and do sports and socialize again. The school space is for that very purpose. I remember that Piaget said that motor skills were an important part of the beginning of intelligence. That's why we are committed to boosting this aspect. This is a fantastic opportunity that A. F. Porto gives us and we can only be grateful".


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