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Matosinhos in the Municipalities section for the SDGs

Municipalities Section for ANMP's Sustainable Development Goals Action Plan Approved

The Councillor for Environment and Energy Transition, Manuela Alvares, attended the plenary meeting of the Municipalities Section for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) held at the headquarters of the National Association of Municipalities (ANMP), in Coimbra, last Friday, and that established the action plan of the section for the coming months.

In this work session, the municipality of Matosinhos was appointed rapporteur of the working group to make a first approach to the creation of local voluntary reports on the SDGs. Knowing the various tools to support their preparation, raise awareness among less committed municipalities to the importance of these working tools, know the position of the Government regarding the involvement of municipalities in the preparation of the next national report are aspects considered as priorities in the action plan of the section.

It should be recalled that the formalization of the creation of the Municipalities Section for the SDGs took place on July 11, 2022, at ANMP's headquarters, when the board that will lead the work during the current municipal mandate (which extends until 2025) was also appointed, with the election of Manuela Álvares as member of the board that will guide this work on behalf of the municipality of Matosinhos.

The action plan of this Section of Municipalities, chaired by Vítor Aleixo, Mayor of Loulé, and which already includes 77 municipalities, has five priority axes, namely: local voluntary reports; funding framework for ODS actions; training and capacity building of technicians and elected officials; internal and external communication ODS; and also LABS ODS, national HUB and Lusophony.

In terms of international cooperation, ANMP will lead the process of creating the "National HUB of ODS Municipalities" and "LABS of ODS municipalities".

The "HUB Municipios ODS", which will liaise with the Local LABS 2030, intends to provide technical support to the cities participating in the "ODS Municipalities" program, working at a national level, based on ANMP, and aiming to establish protocols with Lusophone municipalities.

Matosinhos and the municipalities of Loulé, Mafra, Braga, Fundão and Almada form the six "SDG Municipal LABs", which will be a research and certification unit that focuses on specific challenges related to the "SDG Municipalities" program. Each laboratory will function as a research-action unit, being responsible for the implementation and dissemination of technical solutions and new discoveries at a national level and in the Lusophone space, through the "SDG Municipalities Hub".


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