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Matosinhos in the setting of the series Santiago

SIC's new national production premiered last Friday, in Opto

The city of Matosinhos is one of the scenarios of the new bet of Opto, SIC's streaming platform.

"Santiago" is a series of eight episodes filmed in several places associated with the Ways of St. James, including the passages of the Matosinhos coastline regularly traveled by pilgrims.

The series, written by Diogo Brito, Inês Braga, and César Mourão, tells the story of a family that starts the Pilgrims' Way of Saint James to reunite spiritually and resolve issues from the past. On the way, they meet other pilgrims of different nationalities and end up facing a serial killer.

Directed by Pedro Varela, the series was recorded in the cities of Porto, Matosinhos, Esposende, Viana do Castelo, Caminha, and Vila Nova de Cerveira.

The recordings in Matosinhos took place last July and were supported by the City Hall. The cast involves actors from six different nationalities, including the Portuguese Lúcia Moniz, Ivo Canelas, Carla Maciel, Bárbara Branco, and Leonor Vasconcelos.

The presentation of this new national production took place last Monday, the 17th, at Casa da Música. The premiere of "Santiago" took place on Friday the 21st at Opto.


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