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Matosinhos International Martial Arts and Combat Sports Festival

Matosinhos received, from the 1st to the 4th of December, another edition of the international Martial Arts event that "insists" on growing in number of disciplines - boxing, viet vo dao, kempo, capoeira, muay thai, stick game, karate, some of the examples - participants and visitors year after year

So much so that in this 4th edition, the event increased in one more day the ample schedule of competitions, combats and exhibitions as César Moreira, from Arena de Matosinhos and promoter of the event, pointed out that "the festival is following its path and solidification in the Portuguese martial panorama".

Luísa Salgueiro, Mayor of the City Council of Matosinhos (CMM), that accompanied and was present in the initiative highlighted the festival as "high moment of the programming that takes place throughout the year; We have 14 sports and during the four days near 4 000 people involved in this festival", an idea which was reinforced by Vasco Pinho, Councillor for Sports of the Municipality, when he considered the event "an annual corollary that serves as the cherry on top of the cake of what we do throughout the year", valuing all the sports present as "stones that we are placing in the foundation that we want to build a sustainable base of sports, martial arts and combat sports in our municipality".

Also present at the Combat Sports Festival, which took place at the Sports and Congress Centre and at the Biquinha municipal pavilion, were Carlos Mouta, Vice President of the CMM, and Henrique Calisto, Administrator of Matosinhos Sport, among other individuals.

Arena de Matosinhos was in charge of the organisation and was supported by Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos and Matosinhos Sport.


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