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Matosinhos is present in the Portuguese Real Estate Exhibition

The Municipality of Matosinhos was present at SIL-Salão Imobiliário de Portugal (Portugal Real Estate Exhibition), which took place in Lisbon from 4 to 7 May, following its strategy of promoting the municipality and attracting investment

During the days of the event, the team composed of members of the Municipality of Matosinhos and Matosinhos Habit presented to investors and visitors the main initiatives and projects underway in the municipality, highlighting the eleven Urban Rehabilitation Areas (ARU's) and 3 ORUS (Urban Rehabilitation Operations) as well as the support programme for affordable rentals.

Matosinhos' participation in SIL reinforces the municipality's commitment to promote its economic and social development, by attracting investment and promoting and enhancing the value of the territory as a whole.

The inaugural conference was attended by the Deputy Mayor, Carlos Mouta, who highlighted under the theme "Main Challenges in Housing," the answers of Matosinhos and the main challenges that the territory faces, aligning the local strategy with the governmental one.

This event was attended by the Secretary of State for Housing, Fernanda Rodrigues, who was received by the Councillor for Economy, Marta Pontes.

According to data provided by FIL, the event's organiser, SIL is the biggest real estate event held in Portugal, attended by several companies in the sector, investors and government entities.


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