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Matosinhos Municipal Assembly approves 2022 accounts with no votes against

The Matosinhos Municipal Assembly approved, with the abstention of the PSD, BE, PCP, CDS-PP, Chega, IL and independents, the accounts report for 2022 with a net result of 10 million euros, the local council announced this Thursday, April 20

Along with abstentions, the PAN and PS voted in favour of the accounts, the municipality, led by socialist Luísa Salgueiro, said in a statement.

"A net result for the year 194% higher than the year 2021, which amounted to about 10 million euros," it stressed.

In the information sent to Lusa, the local authority highlighted the execution of expenditure that was set at 86.5%, a value 6 percentage points higher compared to 2021, or about 144 million euros.

The council also noted that 86.8 million was allocated to the Major Planning Options, with a budget execution value of about 82 percent, or 8 percentage points more than in 2021.

He noted that social functions channelled a total of 58.4 million euros.

Municipal housing policy received 9.2 million euros and education 17 million euros, he said.

In the area of road transport, the council said, investment was 11 million euros and in trade and tourism the figure was 1.2 million euros, in a year with the highest number of visitors and pilgrims in this municipality in the district of Porto.

He added: "it should be noted that balanced budget rules were ensured with the municipality guaranteeing an additional debt margin of over 27 million euros.

In the statement, the local authority stressed that in 2022 it was necessary to deal with the very sharp variations in costs associated with energy, the extraordinary revision of prices for ongoing investments, difficulties associated with supply networks and inflation, but "once again Matosinhos kept its focus on its strategy and managed to achieve its goals".


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