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Matosinhos nominated for AHRESP awards

Vote for Rally Fish and Matosinhos.come projects

Rally Fish and Matosinhos.Come are nominated for the Awards of the Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Similar Services of Portugal (AHRESP). This event, which is now in its sixth edition, annually distinguishes the Best of the Year in the sectors of Restaurant, Accommodation and Tourism Promotion, in Portugal. The “Fish Rally” is a project that the Municipality of Matosinhos has been promoting, twice a year, as part of its tourism strategy to boost the local economy. Dozens of restaurants, spread throughout the territory, adhere to this gastronomic route that already has ten editions. Customers have the opportunity to taste a snack and a glass of wine for €3, and to vote for their favorite snack. You can now vote for Rally Fish in the “Event of the Year” Category. In the “Solidarity” category, which distinguishes a solidarity or social responsibility project that has generated the greatest impact on the community, one of the finalists is “Matosinhos.come”. It emerged at the end of 2020 to respond to the negative effects of the pandemic on the restaurant sector. Over six months, the municipality shared the payment of the home delivery service both in Matosinhos and in neighboring municipalities, through an agreement with the Taxi Cooperative. This initiative involved around 250 participating establishments, with a fleet of 75 taxis, and generated an economic impact of over 600 thousand euros on the economy of Matosinhos. Around 16 thousand meals were delivered to 54 parish unions. In addition to “Matosinhos.come”, the municipality made 50,000 takeaway packages available free of charge to around 150 restaurants and allowed the expansion of the terraces and partial occupation of the sidewalks adjacent to the restaurants. To vote for Matosinhos projects, access Winners will be announced on July 1st.


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