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Matosinhos presented work on climate change in Spain

The municipality of Matosinhos was present at the 36th meeting of RETE - Association for collaboration between ports and cities

Established in 2001, RETE is an international non-profit organisation, which aims to promote cooperation between port administrations and local stakeholders in order to improve the integration of ports in their territorial, economic, social, cultural and environmental space and, in a broader sense, in the prosperity and quality of life of port cities.

The 36th meeting of RETE was held in the Spanish city of Huelva and had as its theme "Models of coexistence between cities and major transport infrastructures", and was a featured event in the Month of Companies - Be Matosinhos which is running until 14 October.

Representing Matosinhos City Hall was the director of the Civil Protection Department and municipal operational coordinator, Susana Gonçalves. The intervention focused on the relationship of the city with the port of Leixões, highlighting the increasing openness to the community.

In Matosinhos, the economic activity has developed mainly around the sea and the port of Leixões, fishing and canning industry. More recently, other tourism-oriented activities have gained ground, such as restaurants and hotels, water sports and leisure.


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