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Matosinhos students plant trees

Action of planting an Oak-Alvarinho tree

40 high school students from Escola Secundária João Gonçalves Zarco, in Matosinhos, responded to the challenge launched by the Matosinhos City Hall and joined the Carvalho-Alvarinho planting action held on February 1, at the Science Park in Santa Cruz do Bispo, in order to create a native mixed forest in what was once a former landfill. The students were also made aware of the importance of native species in the city and the ecosystem services they provide.

The initiative is part of the project to develop an Experimental Community in Matosinhos that aims to connect people to Nature in a symbiotic logic, improving environmental health and urban biocapacity.

In a school and family environment, young people are encouraged to answer some questions related to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Air pollution in the city and threats to health and well-being, unconscious consumerism, saving resources through daily actions, integration of more native plant species in the city as a way to contribute to the construction of more sustainable communities are some of the topics put on the table to stimulate reflections and actions of young people.


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