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MB WAY simplifies authorized payments and subscription management

SIBS launched a new Authorized Payments feature that allows the payment of recurring purchases or subscriptions through MB WAY, significantly simplifying the process of managing subscriptions or monthly fees, allowing you to control payments conveniently without requiring new approvals

There are 15 of the first adhering companies that make this functionality available in a pioneering way.

"Our investment in solutions that keep pace with an increasingly online and digital trend in the economy is reflected in the creation of features such as "Authorized Payments" MB WAY, which allows managing subscriptions to newspapers, music, video, among others, in a single place, as well as making purchases in a single click on sites where users shop recurrently. This new functionality brings great advantages for customers, but also for businesses, allowing even faster and safer purchases, which means another great evolution of MB WAY", explains Luís Gonçalves, Segmentation and Market Management Director at SIBS.


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