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Meet Salicornia, the first 100% electric ferryboat made in Portugal

Chamber unveiled the name of the first 100% electric car and passenger vessel operating in Southern Europe

Câmara unveiled the name of the first vessel for cars and passesAveiro will have the first 100% electric ferry developed in Portugal, in the shipyards of the ETE group in Seixal. The vessel was ordered by Aveiro City Hall in order to reduce the emission of pollutant gases and is co-financed by the European Cohesion Fund. The Salicórnia should be operational in the summer.

"Salicórnia" is the name of a plant which exists in the salt marshes of Aveiro, once seen as a weed and now used in "gourmet" cooking. But "Salicórnia" is also, from now on, the name of the new electric ferryboat, which is being built by order of the Aveiro City Hall, to make the 15 minute long connection between Forte da Barra and São Jacinto, starting in the summer. The name of the vessel was disclosed by the Municipality, Thursday, during a visit to the Navaltagus shipyard, in Seixal.

Salicórnia" will be the first 100% electric ferryboat to be built and operate in Portugal and Southern Europe. It will replace the current ferry, the "Cale de Aveiro", which is around 70 years old and propelled by fossil fuels. The change to electric power will allow, according to the Câmara, "to remove 300 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere".geiros 100% electric ferryboat to operate in Southern Europe


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