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Metro do Porto's Rubi Line has a "favorable opinion" from APA

The progress of the Porto Metro Rubi Line, which will make the connection between Casa da Música, in Porto, and Santo Ovídio in Vila Nova de Gaia, has received a "favorable opinion" from Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente (APA)

According to the Environmental Impact Statement (DIA), available on the APA website, "considering the positive impacts identified and taking into account that most of the negative impacts identified are minimizable, we issue a favorable decision conditioned to compliance with the terms and conditions of this document," reads the information disclosed by Porto Canal, based on consultation with the Lusa Agency.

"It is emphasized the need to ensure the proper articulation and compatibility of the project with the territory and with existing and planned roads and railways, and this articulation should be evident in the implementation project that will be developed," recalls the statement, issued last Friday.

In Porto, the future stations of the Rubi Line are Casa da Música and Campo Alegre, "with the construction of a new bridge over the Douro River", which will connect to Gaia stations, namely, Arrábida, Candal, Rotunda, Devesas, Soares dos Reis and Santo Ovídio.

According to the same source, the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) of the Rubi Line was made available for public consultation on October 12, 2022, and it is estimated that the construction of the line will be completed in two years and 10 months.


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