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Monologue of a woman named Maria

Play at the Matosinhos Municipal Theater marked International Women's Day

"Monologue of a woman named Maria with her mistress", a performance by the actress and director Sara Barros Leitão with the artistic structure Cassandra, which she founded in 2020, was on stage yesterday, March 8, at Teatro Municipal de Matosinhos Constantino Nery.

The title was "stolen" by the creator from a text of the "New Portuguese Letters", by Maria Isabel Barreno, Maria Teresa Horta and Maria Velho da Costa. Based on interviews and a study of the archives of the first Domestic Service Union in Portugal and its national congress, which brought together seven thousand members in 1979, this monologue tells the story of domestic work, structurally attributed to women. Little told, (re)known and valued, this is also the story of women's power to organize, claim and change. On stage, Sara Barros Leitão rescues the voice of the women who clean and take care of the world, produce, educate and prepare the workforce, and set the world in motion.

"Monologue of a woman named Maria with her boss" was the first work of the structure founded and directed by Sara Barros Leitão. It has scenography and costumes by Nuno Carinhas, light design by Cárin Geada, and sound design by José Prata.

Born in Porto, in 1990, Sara Barros Leitão won the first edition of the Ageas/Teatro Nacional D. Maria II Revelation Award.

The show, which filled the main hall of the Teatro Municipal, marked International Women's Day in Matosinhos.


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