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Most of the Justice services affected by computer problems have been restored, guarantees the Minist

Most services this Tuesday morning (September 20) affected by problems in the technological infrastructure of Justice were restored shortly after 1:30 pm, informed the Ministry of Justice (MJ)

"The teams at the Institute of Financial Management and Equipment of Justice (IGFEJ) continue to work to restore the operation of all services," says a note from the Ministry of Justice, without specifying the reason for the computer failure.

According to a judicial source told the Lusa news agency this Tuesday morning, a malfunction of the computer systems CITIUS and SITAF, the latter of the Administrative and Fiscal Courts, affected the operation of various courts and departments of the Public Ministry, from north to south of the country.

The Palace of Justice in Lisbon, the Court of Appeal of Coimbra, the Department of Investigation and Penal Action (DIAP) of Santarém, and courts and justice services in Águeda, Anadia, Matosinhos, Maia, Figueira da Foz and Vila Nova de Gaia, among others, were down, the same occurring in the Supreme Administrative Court (STA) due to problems in the computer system of SITAF, which serves those courts.

At the time, the MoJ confirmed that "mid-morning on Tuesday problems were reported in the Justice technological infrastructure" that were "momentarily affecting the availability of services", adding that IGFEJ teams were working to "restore the normal operation of the system and minimize the impact on services".


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