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MS Fit and Municipal Swimming Pools

Sports equipment with new training spaces

The municipal pools and the MS Fit Gymnasium were the target of improvement works earlier this year, with the facilities being reviewed and expanded for greater comfort of its users, always on the path of equitable sports for all.

Besides the acquisition of new and multiple equipment, which will enable other training options, the interventions occurred at the level of the requalification of the 7 swimming pools (the new "Training Zones"), of the rooms of the municipal swimming pools of Perafita and Custóias, in the improvement of the Weight Training Room and in the creation of a new space in the Sports and Congress Center.

This Thursday, Luísa Salgueiro, Mayor and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Matosinhos Sport, Vasco Pinho, Alderman of Sports, and Henrique Calisto, Administrator of the Municipal Sports Company were there to accompany the works and visit the final result of the contract.


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