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Municipal company MatosinhosHabit elected Recommended Brand 2023

MatosinhosHabit reaches the best average Consumer Satisfaction Index of the Complaint Portal throughout 2022 and starts a new process of satisfaction evaluation with its users

Being elected Recommended Brand 2023 is the recognition of the high performance of MatosinhosHabit throughout 2022, on the Complaint Portal platform, based on the close relationship with users and the priority given to their satisfaction and the quality of service.

According to Manuela Álvares, President of the Board of Directors of MatosinhosHabit, "this has been a work of continuity. The level of satisfaction of the residents with the customer service is one of the main performance indicators of MatosinhosHabit and is part of our process of continuous improvement. Only by knowing the true level of satisfaction of the citizens will it be possible to define an appropriate plan of corrective and improvement measures, and obtain good results from them".

In line with this process, the digital evaluation of citizen satisfaction has just started. This is measured by the classification of the general service provided by MatosinhosHabit, i.e., users are invited to make an overall assessment of the service, through a digital system with 4 evaluation levels, continuously available at the Housing Store. The information collected will be periodically analyzed by the Quality Office of the municipal company, which will draw an action plan based on the conclusions obtained.

Manuela Álvares also states that "already in 2022, MatosinhosHabit received the distinction of "Best Brand for the Consumer" by Portal da Queixa, obtaining first place with an average annual global satisfaction of 87.9% in the category of Municipal Management Companies. We now have a second recognition and we will not rest: 2023 will be a year to maintain or increase the results", concluding that "the focus on continuous improvement, with a focus on providing an increasingly efficient service and the involvement of all MatosinhosHabit's employees depends on it."


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