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Municipal Executive in Matosinhos

Ordinary public meetings in the parishes of the municipality

The usual public ordinary meeting of the Municipal Executive took place in Matosinhos, more specifically in the parish council, following a decentralization strategy.

In November last year, the City Council approved the decentralization of monthly public meetings of the Executive by the parishes of the municipality, in alphabetical order.

Only the public meetings in December and August will take place in the Paços do Concelho building, in Matosinhos.

The objective is to bring citizens closer to municipal power, making the functioning of municipal bodies known and encouraging civic participation in the resolution of individual and collective problems.

The ordinary public meeting of the Municipal Executive in Matosinhos was conducted by the Vice-President of the municipality, Carlos Mouta.

Present was the President of the Union of Parishes of Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira, Paulo Carvalho.

Among the matters discussed in the period before the agenda, the future of the Petrogal refinery lands, the successive closures of the mobile bridge, the location of solid waste containers, the working conditions of workers at the Leixões Silos, the by Indaqua of a new water meter in the event of a change of residence, among others.


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