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Municipal Safety Council

Restricted Council met on February 17th, at the Council Chambers Building

The Municipal Safety Council met this Friday, February 17, in the Council Chambers Building, with the participation of the Municipal Police Councillor, Fernando Rocha, the Civil Protection Councillor, Marta Pontes, and the Commanders of the Municipal Police, the PSP Division, the GNR Territorial Post and the Maritime Police, since it is the Restricted Council.

The agenda focused on issues related to repeated risky behavior in specific areas of the territory and general criminality in the municipality, having agreed on some methodologies of police action in order to prevent the evolution of these rates and, consequently, strengthen the sense of security of citizens. The places with high affluence of public will deserve increased monitoring by the police authorities, particularly the beaches and their access areas during the bathing season, not forgetting the necessary focus on other places where events of great demand occur, whether permanent or seasonal. Safety and legislative compliance in environmental matters was also addressed, given the great momentum of ecological concerns and policies that the Municipality of Matosinhos wants to see embodied in the whole community, despite the unanimity of the participants regarding the maintenance of recurrent enforcement actions.

As stated in the respective Regulation of the Municipal Safety Council of Matosinhos No. 1117/2020, of December 24, 2020, meetings on safety issues will be frequent, and the next meeting of the Extended Council is already planned and being scheduled.


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