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Municipalities have power to regulate speed and parking of scooters

The Minister of Internal Administration said yesterday, January 17th, that municipalities currently have powers to regulate speed and parking of scooters and admitted a revision of the Highway Code

"We will wait for the conclusions of the hearings that are being made, if it is necessary to make some changes we will certainly have to adjust the legislative framework to the needs, but we will assess whether or not it is a necessity," José Luís Carneiro told reporters, when asked if the government will change the Highway Code, taking into account the new forms of soft mobility, such as scooters and electric bicycles.

The minister was speaking after having presided over the opening of the seminar "Active Mobility: Future in Safety", which takes place today in Lisbon, organized by the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) and the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR).

In this initiative, the governor left the message that currently the municipalities already have "the possibility to regulate the speed and parking" for scooters within the localities.

"The municipalities, with regard to soft mobility, more specifically the use of scooters, already have the possibility, through municipal by-laws, which are approved at town council meetings and municipal assemblies, to reduce the speed and also to regulate the conditions and parking places for these vehicles," he said.

The minister, who expressed satisfaction that large cities are seeking to regulate the use of scooters, especially Lisbon and Porto, stressed that "there is work that can be done by municipalities" in relation to this type of vehicle.

"Right now, speed reduction within the municipalities can be done without any change in legislation," he stressed, noting that "ANSR and MAI are available to support municipalities in developing their road safety plans.

Regarding the licensing of the entities that own the scooters, the minister also said that this matter has been worked out with the Secretary of State for Local Administration, which has already presented a proposal for this power to pass to the municipalities.

"From this point of view there is a proposal from the Secretary of State for Local Administration to place the power for this licensing in the municipal authorities," he said, stressing that it will soon be concluded.


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