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Municipality prepares biodiversity strategy

Municipality bets on ecological restoration until 2030

The municipality of Matosinhos is drawing up a Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Natural Capital Strategy, a project integrated in the European Union Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and in the Green City Accord movement, which Matosinhos signed up to two years ago.

The aim is to protect nature and reverse the process of ecosystem degradation, putting Europe's biodiversity on a path to recovery by 2030.

The municipality of Matosinhos shares this objective and began, at the end of last year, to prepare its biodiversity strategy. To this end, a survey and characterisation of the biodiversity and ecosystems existing in the municipality was carried out.

The results were presented this Monday, April 17, in the Strategic Options workshop, held at the Monte S. Brás Ecological Park by NBI - Natural Business Intelligence.

The work meeting, attended by the Councillor for the Environment, Manuela Álvares, was attended by leaders and employees of the municipality in areas such as urban planning, environment, civil protection, works, among others.

Matosinhos is a mostly urban territory, with agricultural activity in some parts of the municipality, and the forest patches are essentially made up of eucalyptus in pine forests and woodlands. The coastline, the Onda river and the Leça Green Corridor are other green areas in the municipality. The document points to a trend of loss of natural capital that the municipality wants to reverse.

In the workshop, the participants were divided into groups, indicating the projects in progress or under development, their geo-referencing, the biodiversity/ecosystem indicators relevant to the municipality, and presented proposals for mitigation measures and solutions to enhance the municipality's natural capital and the deadlines for their implementation.

The contributions will be analysed, as well as their relevance and possible integration in the action and monitoring plan that the municipality will implement.


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