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New citizen card will be contactless and will arrive this year

Significant changes to the citizen's card happen already this year

Mid-year will be launched "a new citizen card, with a 'design' very appealing and that will be, in terms of security and quality, in the front platoon," said Mario Campolargo, Secretary of State for Digitization and Administrative Modernization, in an interview with the media.

A change that, according to the responsible, will be gradual, but necessary, as a security measure against the growing cyber attacks, in order to safeguard citizens' data.

The card reader will, therefore, no longer be necessary, once contactless technology is adopted. "The governor also said that the government intends to open eight new Citizen's Shops this year," reads the Expresso news report.

In turn, the public service in public services remains with 50% of prior online booking and 50% in a spontaneous face-to-face manner.


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