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On International Women's Day, meet the most famous female figure of the seas

The latest data reveal that Portugal is below the European average in gender equality

In order to raise awareness of this issue on International Women's Day, SEA LIFE Porto presents you the Kingdom of Salatia, the Roman Goddess of the Seas, in a statue full of meaning.

The International Women's Day is already on March 8 and came along with a demonstration for equal civil rights and for women's vote. To remember and address a theme that is both current and pertinent, SEA LIFE Porto presents Salácia, a female statue full of power, who came to the kingdom of the aquarium in Porto where sharks, turtles and many other sea creatures swim.

The nymph from Roman mythology was promised in marriage to the great king of the seas, Neptune, but before the wedding she rebelled and hid herself at the bottom of the ocean. Neptune sent all the sea creatures of the world to look for her, and she was found by a dolphin, who convinced her to marry him.

Salatia then became known as the queen of the oceans and can be seen at Porto's famous aquarium from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm, and on weekends, from 10am to 7pm. Don't miss the opportunity to have fun with family, friends, or alone, and come discover the secrets of the seas!


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