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Only on Friday three people were taken out of the sea in Matosinhos

The Bathing Rescue Service (SSB), in Matosinhos, only this Friday, April 7th, pulled three people out of the sea

Since the beginning of the year, 32 people have been rescued from the sea in Matosinhos, almost as many as last year outside the bathing season. Of this total of rescues, more than half (23), were made in three days.

The Matosinhos municipality, responsible for the SSB, revealed that last year 39 people were rescued from the sea outside the bathing season and 14 in the bathing season.

The high temperatures that have been felt in recent days and that will be present throughout Easter mean that the county's beach is very busy even in the non-bathing season.

After having found lifeless the young man who disappeared in the sea on the beach of Matosinhos, on Thursday, April 6, who had been dragged by a pond, the municipality left some tips to prevent this from happening again.


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