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Open House Porto with more than 25 thousand visits

Cruise Terminal and Titan were the most sought after spaces in Matosinhos

In its return to the pre-pandemic format, the 7th edition of Open House Porto, which was curated by the architect Graça Correia and the historian Joel Cleto, added up to 25 thousand visits during the two days of last weekend.

Dedicated to the theme of the House, understood as the “way in which each of us is linked to the place we call our own”, the 7th edition offered 74 spaces in the four cities involved – Maia, Matosinhos, Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia –, 41 which opened their doors for the first time at this Open House Porto.

Nuno Sampaio, Executive Director of Casa da Arquitectura, congratulates the public on joining the OHP, as well as the organization involved in the event, both in terms of curatorship and the more than 300 volunteers and experts involved.

The curatorship of the OHP, which for the first time included a non-architect, the historian Joel Cleto, was marked by a selection of unusual spaces that told other stories about the different cities.

The specificity of the selected locations forced some restrictions on safety and public circulation.

In Matosinhos, the most popular places were the Cruise Terminal and the Titan, equipment that debuted at the OHP, with almost 2,500 visitors, followed by Casa da Arquitectura, which received over 950 people, and the Piscina das Marés by Álvaro Siza. with more than 520 visitors.

The most visited spaces in the municipality of Maia were Torre Lidador, with 822 visitors, followed by the Urban Park of Moutidos (812) and Quinta dos Cónegos with around 500 visitors.

In Porto, the City Hall building was the most visited, welcoming around 820 visitors, followed by the Portuguese Photography Center (801) and the Ferreira da Silva Laboratory of the MHNC-UP, with around half a thousand visitors.

In Vila Nova de Gaia, the Serra do Pilar Monastery, with almost 2300 visitors and the Altice Tower with 1627 visitors, were the two most sought after spaces, followed by the Serra do Pilar Barracks, which opened to the visit of 1549 people to the over the weekend.

The Open House Porto is, remember, the only one in the world that encompasses four distinct municipalities.


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