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Porto Airport triples flights to Faro and strengthens connections to Vienna

The Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, in Porto, has been the target of a strong bet by several airlines in recent months

Reinforcements have been announced for connections to various cities in the world and more and more operators are known to want to fly to and from the Oporto airport infrastructure.

According to data advanced by SkyExpert, a consulting firm specializing in air transport, airports and tourism, as of this Sunday, connections between the cities of Porto and Faro will triple. This increase will be provided by Ryanair, which will make a total of 600 seats available per day on this route.

However, the news does not stop there. The month of April will also bring an increase in the number of connections between Porto and Vienna, Austria, aboard Austrian Airlines.

In total, the airline will operate three flights per week between these two destinations. The flights depart on Tuesday at 1:25pm, Thursday at 12:30pm, and Saturday at 3:30pm towards the Austrian capital. In the opposite direction, flights are assured on the same days, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, respectively at 10:20, 9:25 and 12:25.


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