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Porto Football Association marked Women's Day with female referees

The Associação de Futebol do Porto's campaign to raise awareness about the role of women in sports, especially in soccer and futsal, gained a new chapter this weekend

Photo: Facebook of AF Porto

In two games, one of soccer, the other of futsal, the refereeing was completely composed of women, in order to reinforce the message of the importance of having "more and more women in the sports world," emphasizes the Associação de Futebol do Porto.

The games refereed by women were:

FC Maia Lidador x Padroense FC, an Elite Division soccer match, which took place at the Municipal Stadium Dr. José Vieira de Carvalho, in the City of Maia, at 15:30 on Sunday. The refereeing team was composed by Sandra Santos, Paula Pereira and Bebiana Soares;

Juventus Triana B x Restauradores Brás Oleiro, game of the Elite Division of women's futsal, held at the Pavilion of the Rio Tinto High School, on Saturday at 16:30. The refereeing team was made up of Sara Pereira, Laura Alves and Cátia Ferreira.


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