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Portuense will run 13 days along the Portuguese coast to support IPO-Porto

A young man from Oporto, with a degree in Physical Education and Sport, challenged himself to run 1,054 kilometres, for 13 days, along the Portuguese mainland coast, to raise funds for the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO) of Oporto

Pedro Nuno Costa will set off from Caminha, a municipality in the district of Viana do Castelo, on 22nd August and arrive in Vila Real de Santo António, in Faro, on 3rd September.

During 13 days of running, the athlete plans to cover "a daily average of 81 kilometres, or in other words, the distance of almost two marathons", passing (and resting) in Vila do Conde, Furadouro, S. Pedro de Moel, Peniche, Ericeira, Trafaria, Setúbal, Porto Côvo, Aljezur, Alvor, Quinta do Lago, and finally Vila Real de Santo António, reads a statement sent to VIVA!

The shortest stage links S. Pedro de Moel to Peniche and covers a total of 67 kilometres, while the longest section will be between Setúbal and Porto Côvo, with more than 95 kilometres. In order to "avoid the highest temperatures in the beginning of the afternoon", Pedro Nuno Costa will start the races around 5am.

According to him, the young man, who is currently studying for an MBA in Sports Management, will have found inspiration for this challenge after having given up rowing due to an injury, and after hearing about the story of an Australian who covered 800 kilometres in eight days to raise money for the victims of the 2004 tsunami.

"I plan to do the journey mostly alone. But six friends showed interest in providing some logistical support and in running alongside me on certain more complicated stretches", underlines Pedro Nuno Costa, who already has some support and sponsors, namely a team of multidisciplinary professionals.

Pedro Nuno Costa's challenge can be found in detail on the event's official website.


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