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Portugal falls in the world happiness ranking. Nordics remain the happiest

Portugal dropped in the ranking that ranks global happiness - the World Happiness Report - released this Monday by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network

The most recent report focuses on the period between 2020 and 2022 and Portugal falls from 34th place (in 2019) to 56th position in the ranking with 137 countries.

The lack of generosity and growing perception of corruption are the factors that most negatively influenced the happiness of the Portuguese.

Criteria of income, social support, life expectancy with health and freedom are also evaluated.

Finland, Denmark and Iceland continue to be the happiest countries in the world, in the case of Finland for six consecutive years.

The unhappiest countries in the world are Afghanistan; Lebanon; Sierra Leone; Zimbabwe; Congo; Botswana; Malawi; Comoros; Tanzania, and Zambia.

Although the report covers the years of the pandemic and war in Ukraine, there were no major changes in the happiness index of most countries.


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