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Process of inventory and phytosanitary evaluation of the municipal trees

About three thousand trees have already been analyzed

The Matosinhos City Council initiated in 2021 the process of inventory and phytosanitary assessment of the municipal forest. The goal is to know the reality of the urban forest for better planning and management and for a more harmonious coexistence with life in the city.

The municipality considers trees to be an indispensable agent for regulating urban temperature, reducing the level of atmospheric pollutants, minimizing flooding, or even reducing stress levels and increasing the general well-being of the population.

So far about three thousand trees have been inventoried. It is estimated that by 2025 the process will be concluded. By then, the municipality will have a total characterization of the municipal urban forest.

The inventory will make it possible to know the composition, characteristics, problems and needs of the trees, monitor the phytosanitary status and safety, prioritize needs, record the interventions made, support public awareness programs, evaluate maintenance strategies and adjust medium and long-term policies.


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